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In 2014 I decided to leave the school I worked at as a coordinator and become a self-employed teacher. To be honest, I didn’t plan on becoming self-employed, this came quite naturally, after having worked at this school for 15 years it didn’t make much sense to work for another school, as things I wasn’t happy about would be fairly the same, same problems, but only in a different place. So I decided to start my own business.

I can say it was by far the BEST decision I’ve ever made in my life and it changed myself completely. Today I have new responsibilities and need to manage my own business, but for me, there is nothing more important than feeling good, and this is something I get all the time by working for myself.

But of course, there are challenges and we should prepare for them. Some of them are:
– Making enough money to cover your bills.
– Knowing how to market yourself to get new students.
– Being consistent and professional not to lose the students you’ve already got.
– Knowing how to manage your business so that you always some a stream of income.
– Investing in your self-development yourself.
– Paying for health/dental insurance.
– Deciding on how big you want to be.
– Becoming a business person.

If I could give you one piece of advice, the one thing you must make sure before you become self-employed is to be financially stable. As a self-employed teacher, I haven’t had many problems with non-payment, but it’s harder to control the exact day my students will pay me. Some of them are really steady and pay me on the same day every month, some of them pay me whenever within the month. So this requires me to have at least one month’s salary saved in my bank account to cover my monthly expenses, so I use this money to pay all my bills and then I receive the payments from my students and put this money back in my savings account. I do that every month, and this way I don’t get concerned about when exactly my student will pay me, I only make sure they pay me before the last day of the month.

Being self-employed is amazing to me, but not to everybody else. Would you like to know how ready you are? So take the quiz and find out!!!


If you would like to know more about my journey and how I got here, send me an email and I’d be glad to share my experience with you.

See you soon!

Marcela H.