achieve your goals with language coaching

Find out the best way to add language coaching to your life

What is your learning goal?

Different goals require different solutions. Language Coaching can be applied in any circumstance, because it’s not about what you learn, but about how you learn. For years, the research in education suggested that students needed to get things into their brain, but recent neuroscience discoveries defend the idea that we need to get things out of out brain to learn faster and more efficiently.

This requires a new way of learning and practicing language, and most importantly, a sustainable strategy to implement new study habits. Here’s how coaching tools can help you become more disciplined and therefore, reach better results.

All my Language Coaching sessions are carried out online, so you will save your time and money not having to commute to join me. Also, I use a special online platform to organize your learning environment and offer you the best experience.

I will strongly recommend you use a spaced repetition system to boost your learning, and most importantly, I will show you how to use it the right way, to make the best out of your self-study sessions. 

During our sessions, I will bring interesting and engaging materials for us to develop the language according to your needs and expectations. And at home you will continue improving by following my instructions combining neuroscience evidence and coaching tools to make sure the knowledge sticks to your mind.

We can do that in different ways, you will choose the length and number of sessions you would like to have a week, depending on your goal and how much you can invest in terms of time and money to achieve it.

Together we’ll look for the best solutions for you, to make learning as enjoyable and efficient as possible, so that you can finally get to your desired fluency in English.

I’d be happy to answer any of your questions and send you a personalized proposal according to your needs and expectations. You can contact me by email at

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