Language coaching

A new approach to language learning that will take your fluency to the next level.

Language coaching is...

a more efficient way of learning a language based on coaching tools and techniques combined with neuroscience research findings on how to maximize the use of the brain.
You don’t want to spend years and years studying English, you need more immediate results. With my Long-lasting Learning Approach you will retain more knowledge and learn more efficiently. 

language coaching marcela harrisberger
language coaching marcela harrisberger

How language coaching works

Adult students have a lot on their minds, it’s harder for us to concentrate and keep focused. We need repetition, but not in a boring mechanical way. It has to be engaging, interesting and motivating. Also, we lack time in our busy schedules, so we need to support to create new habits and stick to them, here’s where the coaching tools and techniques make a great difference in learning.

We are the results of our habits

Do you really want to achieve your learning goals? Then you need to have the habits that support you to reach them. In our classes we will work on special tools to help you design and sustain the habits that will enable you to get the learning outcomes you have always wishes for.

language coaching marcela harrisberger

To change your results, change the way you do things.

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